BGSU Symphonic Winds' unique partnership

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BGSU Symphonic Winds' unique partnership

Postby Rightupinthere » Tue Aug 30, 2011 7:16 pm

January 19th through the 21st will have our own Symphonic Winds joining the Toledo Glassmen Drum and Bugle Corp and the Toledo Symphony in the playing of Corigliano's amazing work Circus Maximum.

To show the significance of this, only four other university band programs have played this piece: MichState, U of Mich, Northwestern, and U of TX. That's pretty good company but BGSU's music program definitely holds its own. Regardless, it's going to be an awesome piece with some fantastic exposure to BGSU and the music school!

January 19th will have the performance in Kobacher Hall in the MMAC. The 20th and 21st performances will be in the Toledo Art Museum's Paristyle.

I'm going to target the performance on the 20th or 21st with the family. If you like heavy metal, this should be a very comfortable concert for you. The other pieces featured in the Paristyle concerts will be Pines of Rome [one of my guilty favorites], Roman Carnival Overture, and Spartacus Ballet Suite. The name of the concert will be Roman Carnival Spectacular. If you're a brass lover, best pack a towel.

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