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Well, the Falcons take a hard blow to the chin in their MAC opener at Eastern Michigan, 78-61. Unfortunately, we played nowhere near the type of game we played Monday against Davis & Elkins. From my viewpoint, the Falcons were their own worst enemy for most of the game. We were out rebounded 44-23, while we turned the ball over 23 times. Plus, our defense in the paint was nothing short of pathetic.
Turnovers have seemed to be one of our biggest downfalls all season long. It’s become quite clear to me over the past several games why this is. It’s really quite simple. It’s called fundamentals. Passing is a fundamental part of basketball. If you don’t do it well, bad things happen. Sadly, I can’t name a player on our roster who is an extremely efficient passer. By efficient, I’m not just talking about accuracy alone. I’m referring to the decision-making that takes place before the pass is even released. Also, the intended recipient of the pass must resolve to catch that pass at all costs, regardless of its accuracy, or the lack thereof. So, what do we need to fix before our next game? Rebounding, defense in the paint, improve three throw percentage, and efficient passing. Do these four things, and the rest will come. As I’ve said in the past, I’m just calling them as I see them. GO FALCONS!!!
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