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BG vs Milwaukee

Postby elmrfudd » Sun Dec 15, 2019 10:03 pm

Well, the Falcons have run off three consecutive wins on the road, which is a very good sign, compared to their first three road games. I’m looking forward to them coming back home to play.
A couple of questions I have, and perhaps someone here can shed some light, concerning Andrea Cecil and Kailie Hall. I know Andrea is suffering from a leg injury, but does anyone here on the board know if, or when, she could be back in action, or whether the injury might mean a medical redshirt and another year of eligibility? Also, during our first three games of the season, all at home, I was VERY impressed with Kailie Hall’s play, as she saw a lot of action off the bench. In looking at the stat sheets the last several games, I see Kailie’s playing minutes are minimal, at best. Has her play dropped off that dramatically? Just trying to fill in the blanks. I’m very pleased with the balanced scoring we’ve been getting, but it’s always among the starters, with little production off the bench. It seems as though Elissa Brett is getting the most PT among the non-starters. Any insights or opinions on the above would be greatly appreciated. GO FALCONS!!!
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