2020 schedule changes to come?

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Re: 2020 schedule changes to come?

Postby roguewarrior » Mon Aug 10, 2020 7:51 pm

They may have been fumigating them or doing some other useless Covid protocol too... ? They offered walk ons who wanted to come in to train the hotel at $150 a week, So not too expensive...
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Re: 2020 schedule changes to come?

Postby guest44 » Mon Aug 10, 2020 8:04 pm

Of course the staff is guessing. BGSU has been mixed messaging all summer. I get the best way to retain students and maximize enrollment is to pull back in August while gathering more information. If they say we are going full remote in June, how many people say screw this and find cheaper options? Athletics decisions were ridiculous the minute they proposed a budget with less than a 10% (1.5 million) reduction from the previous year. How someone can be a trustee of BGSU, read that, then approve it, in the midst of a pandemic, is just ridiculous. The OSU game was a question at the time the budget was approved and reduced seating capacity certainly was likely. Of course that scenario would have OSU looking to lower the figure, and that was the realistic best case scenario. You have some trying to make the tough decisions based on the information at hand, and others self protecting jobs and income. It’s a mixed bag. Bob got on a zoom call and deemed it necessary to cut baseball because of COVID, without even doing the deep research to save it. A month later, COVID was going to have just a 8% impact on the department and let’s get these athletes into hotels to begin training, despite the whole campus basically being shut down. Which one is it? just toss anything at a wall, the BGSU trustees won’t even bother to do the job.
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