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Re: Moving to the MAC

Postby LSUinFindlay » Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:36 pm

Hey folks, I wanted to update y'all, thank everyone again for the kind sentiments and welcomes!

So I just recently arrived in Findlay, and I gotta tell ya...
- the restaurants won't let me inside
- the grocery stores are missing some surprising items
- everyone in Ohio is REALLY standoff-ish when I try to say hello and shake hands

What's going on in this place?

Ok seriously though, I am still tying-up some loose ends in Baton Rouge, related to my elderly mother (complicated by the microbes from Wuhan) and her house there. I spent a week in Findlay in mid-March, and I arrived back here in Ohio Tuesday for another week-and-a-half, but I do need to head back to Louisiana in a week or so to oversee a siding repair at the aforementioned house.

I saw the MAC schedules came out, and still looking forward to Football Season. Please, please let it begin on-time, or mostly on-time. I live very, very close to Wilson's, btw. I'm gonna look over this thread again and add some specific replies to certain posts.
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Re: Moving to the MAC

Postby MarkL » Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:59 pm

Not too far from Wilson's is Cooper Tire's HQ. I did an internship there in the IT shop late in my BG days. Great internship, learned a lot, contributed a lot. I have fond memories of Findlay.
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