NCAA Rules and Regulations -- PLEASE READ!!!

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NCAA Rules and Regulations -- PLEASE READ!!!

Postby ZiggyZoomba » Fri Mar 07, 2008 7:47 am

Earlier this year we had an incident with a recruit stopping by a tailgate and grabbing a brat or a dog or something... this was an infraction of NCAA rules and was delt with by the university and the NCAA. In light of this, the following document has been created to explain the responsibilities all of us have as fans/supporters of BGSU athletics. Please read this document!! ... _rules.pdf

I have ALSO modified the Terms and Conditions of membership for to include the following paragraph:

You agree to comply with NCAA rules regarding communication with prospects and their families, understanding that electronic communication on a message board with a prospective student-athlete may be considered a violation of such rules and could lead to sanctions affecting the eligibility of a prospect to enroll and participate in athletics at Bowling Green State University. Further, you agree that you will refrain from providing impermissible benefits to prospective student-athletes and agree to contact the BGSU Compliance Office if you have questions about the application of NCAA rules to your actions.

If you do not agree to these terms, please contact me directly and I will remove your account from the system. By continuing to use you are agreeing to these amended terms and conditions.

Any questions or discussion of this is to be held in the Admin forum.

Grant Cummings
"We are linked to this institution by invisible bonds that do not wither or dissolve." --BGSU President, Dr. Ralph W. McDonald - 1968
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