Will Justin Turner stay or go?

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Re: Will Justin Turner stay or go?

Postby BGSU33 » Tue Apr 14, 2020 6:18 pm

Globetrotter wrote:
Globetrotter wrote:What I think would be a very interesting lineup for us next year.

1 Turner 6-4 Sr (r) Metheny 5-11 R
2 Fields 6-2 Jr Zeigler 6-3 So Fulcher 6-2 R
3 Diggs 6-5 Sr Young 6-6 R
4 Plowden 6-6 Sr Turner 6-7 So
5 Kulackovskis 6-9 Jr (r) Swingle 6-11 So (t) Gadson 6-11 Jr (r)

If you got an angry, athletic, active 5 who can block shots and rebound this is your MAC champion.
Any Grad Xfers?
Any other recruits?

I agree, it's the most glaring piece we're missing, and Ohio's Jeff Boals is thinking the same way as he added another grad transfer in Dwight Wilson from JMU. He was a near double-double machine last year averaging 9.8 ppg and 9.3 rpg. I'd give my left you know what to have a guy walk through our doors who can add that to the 5. If we had a guy average near 10 & 10 a game at center with Turner and Plowden and company, we're cutting down the nets in Cleveland. Boals also added Georgia Tech grad transfer Sylvester Ogbonda last year.
GO BG!!!
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