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Postby hammb » Wed Mar 04, 2020 9:10 am

BGSU33 wrote:
hammb wrote:
BGSU33 wrote:
guest44 wrote:BG needed a rim protector to complete this team. They never added one. IMO put Frye back in the starting lineup, crank up the tempo, and try to shoot your way to a title in Cleveland.

Fields is not a starter and his stat line again tonight was hot garbage. He's overrated on defense and is horrible on offense. We need to insert Frye back into the starting line up to have any sort of chance. Whatever we might lose on defense we more than make up on offense. I'm rolling the dice with Frye.

I'm inclined to agree. I think Zeigler can play the defense Fields has and may provide some semblance of a scoring threat.

No team has to run Fields or Zeigler off the three-point line and neither one of them is a threat to hurt you with a jumper from inside the arch either. The same can be said when Laster is on the floor and each one of that trio can really only reliably score in the form of a layup. Because of it, teams are hedging and doubling down on Turner and Plowden and we have no answers for it with our rotation. With Frye or Diggs out there (or both), teams can't hedge as hard (or won't at all) and pull back doubling and it gives us much better spacing and lanes with guys who can not only stretch the floor, but can also roll to spots and score. Our starting/substitution rotation hasn't been as good or effective ever since Frye left and it's wrecking havoc on us at the worst time.

I don't disagree.

I think there were times last night where our front court was DIggs-MattisK-Sierra. As a coach you have to know you cannot possibly have all 3 of those guys on the court at the same time. None of them can guard anybody...and we got shredded because of it.

Didn't help that a few of our usual steady defenders also had rough nights as well.

I just know they better be willing to change something up with the current rotation. If you don't want Frye starting because of him flaking, then you have to move something around, maybe start Diggs at 3, I dunno. I just know it's real tough when your starting 5 includes 3 guys who are basically little to no threat on offense, then when you start bringing in your bench you've got 3-4 guys who are really not good defenders.
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Re: @ Kent State (3/3)

Postby guest44 » Wed Mar 04, 2020 9:45 am

Frye was a preseason all MAC selection and we are playing Mattos equal minutes to him. No other team would do that regardless of any situation. This program has no urgency. If it doesn’t find it, it won’t win again this season.
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