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Postby FalconTurf » Mon Mar 02, 2020 5:45 pm

hammb wrote:
guest44 wrote:Haha. If only Justin Turner had the grit of Jordon Crawford. Justin Turner is the sole reason BG is above .500 the past two seasons.

Absolutely. And while he has no doubt had his poor nights, he's still been by far the most consistent player on this team. I often feel, if anything, he is a bit too hesitant to just try and take over. Many times he defers to teammates for long stretches trying to keep everybody involved. But when we've needed big plays down the stretch of games he's the ONLY guy on the team that has consistently risen to the occasion.

This team, like last year, will go as far as Turner can carry it.

And I really believe Turner knows if his teammates don't contribute he can only carry the team so far so as you pointed out he gets everyone involved.

The thing I notice about his game is that he plays tough defense which is unusual for a star player.
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