Ol' Glory: America's Best

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Ol' Glory: America's Best

Postby RobbyFalcon » Tue Nov 12, 2013 12:05 am

Ol' Glory: America's Best is an amber light beer I buy at Big Lots for 2 bucks a four pack of 16 ouncers. The can is red, white and blue and has the Marines raising the flag on one side the the Pledge of Allegiance on the other.

The can also contains the words: "Not Endorsed by the US Government" and there's VFW stuff on the can as well but nothing that says money from the sales goes to support VFW campaigns just "Ol' Glory is a supporter of the VFW Foundation Return the Favor Campaign."

Man for 50 cents a pint it's great stuff! For 60 cents a pint, eh, maybe not so much. Anyone else seen this slice of woozy Americana? If not, get thee to a Big Lots! It must be experienced to be believed.
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