Cold Weather High Wind Smoke

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Cold Weather High Wind Smoke

Postby Lord_Byron » Sat Dec 22, 2012 11:55 pm

We were having our Christmas open house today, so I decided early on that I was going to do a simple smoke of some bacon wrapped meatballs and armadillo eggs. For the eggs, I took a pound of hot bulk sausage, divided into 16 pieces and wrapped it around a piece of jalapeno and pepper jack cheese. Sprinkled everything with dry rub. Did two pounds so I had 32 eggs and 64 meatballs/bacon.

So, I'm really sweating the weather forecast because they were predicting 50 mph wind gusts and possible heavy snow. The snow wasn't bad, but the wind did come in.

I lit a full chimney of briquettes and used the center section of the Smokey Mountain as a wind shield, and it worked great. After I got the coals lit, I put about 1/2 pan of unlit coals and dumped the full chimney on them. I gave it about 30 minutes to come up to temperature and left the meat on for 90 minutes. It held temp pretty well at 250 even with the high winds.

Weber comes through again.
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