Lets see what's in the Fridge

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Lets see what's in the Fridge

Postby h2oville rocket » Wed Sep 07, 2011 6:38 am

Dug out some frozen chicken last night and then poked around in the fridge- took one of those nasty little orange peppers that look like a deflated basketball, a nasty little red one that looked like a nasty little red pepper and a regulation green pepper and cut them up about 1/4" square. Minced some garlic and heated it in some olive oil while Idid this, then browned the chicken. Added the peppers. Went back to the fridge (What was IN there? for you "Dog Tease"fans) Well, I'll tell you what was in there. KIWI. Took one and squeezed it over the peppers and chicken. Chopped the other one and threw it in, too.

Then I ate it! OMG, was it awesome- wife came out, didn't want any- too spicy. Just try it, sez I. She does. Tries some more- OMG, she says, this is awesome. Kids try it-YUCK! Well, can't please everyone.
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Re: Lets see what's in the Fridge

Postby 1987alum » Wed Sep 07, 2011 8:38 pm

I love experiments like that. Of course, when it turns out poorly, it makes for a long night ...
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