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An Updated Freakling1

Postby Freakling1 » Sun Sep 08, 2013 7:29 pm

I have already posted a thread here, but that was from over 4 years ago, and I've changed a lot since then. So, I figured I'd give everyone an update. At the current time I am 17 years old and have already started my junior year at Green High School. I joined the cross country team last year, and my fastest 5k time is 23:12. I take guitar lessons. My favorite band is Rush, and behind them are Led Zeppelin and the guitarist Uli Jon Roth. I hope to go to BGSU when I graduate. I will probably want to study something related to human anatomy or music. And yes, Falconfreak90 is my dad (and a very cool one at that :mrgreen:). Looking forward to seeing some of you in the upcoming years! Roll along!

P.S. Most people remember me as the angry Republican 6th grader on this board, but these days I am a Libertarian. If I got into any kind of political argument with you in the past, I am sorry and hope that we can bury the hatchet and become friends.

Re: An Updated Freakling1

Postby Falcon Fanatic » Mon Sep 09, 2013 6:40 pm

Freakling1 wrote:P.S. Most people remember me as the angry Republican 6th grader on this board, but these days I am a Libertarian.

Does your father know? :shock: :wink:

And in all seriousness, it's been really fun watching you grow up into a awesome young man! I would expect nothing less given the phenomenal people you call Mom and Dad!!

FalconFreaks Forever!!! :supz:
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