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Postby FalconTurf » Fri Jul 27, 2007 12:02 pm

I have been browsing this site for several years and decided to add my voice after the negative comments about the Turf at the Doyt surfaced this spring. I see the Turf as the end of an old era and beginning of a new era. My father was there as freshman as they closed University Field and opened the Doyt the following year. That was a great change according to him and I think the SEBO and Field Turf will stimulate more changes to facilites at BG. Hopefully the same growth will occur now that he saw in the second part of the 60's.

My parents, a great aunt (in the early years) and several other relatives in between graduated from BG. I identified with BG from an early age although I watched many TV games from other colleges as a youth. It was BG where I attended games. Now I have a bachelors '93 (that was a long run) and masters '06 in education. The education department wasn't always kind and changes in majors cost me six years I really enjoy my experience at BG largely due to the athletic department.

While at BG I volunteered at women's basketball games scorer's table and sold programs at men's games and hockey games. It gave me the opportunity to see a little more than most people and appreciate what it takes to run the athletics program. Some members of the ath. dept. that have been criticized on here are excellent people who do much more than most of the complainers ever realize.

My most notable incident working games at BG was not a women's game but a men's game at the scorer's table. I was substituting on the scorer's table running the shot clock when Ed Colbert shot an air ball. The horn went off but the horn was located in the box at the table and the officials did not hear it. Charlie Coles heard it from the CMU bench and came unglued. When play was stopped and I truthfully explained the situation to the officials Charlie suddenly became my best friend,.....for a second or two. Seemed to be a good guy. Actually talked to him but never had one conversation with Larranaga after bumping into him several time at AA.

The hair standing up on my neck attempting to do the shot clock at women's games helped me fall in love with AA. The band sounds best on the floor around mid-court and I cannot say I have ever felt such a part of a game environment, even as a HS player, as I did sitting at the scorer's table in AA. I still get that feel when sitting down on the floor when the arena is jumping but nothing has yet to compare to Mich. St. with pre-season All-American Steve Smith in the house. That was incredible. Closest to that experience would have to be the Toledo games and I'm not just talking the men's game because the late 80's and early 90's featured some great contest on the women's side. Double headers were the best... and some great hockey on Saturday night after an afternoon in AA was great.

Just like turf at the Doyt, AA and the Ice Arena need some help soon. If they need to be replaced then so be it but we still need that atmosphere.
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Postby ZiggyZoomba » Fri Jul 27, 2007 2:59 pm

Amen to your AA comments. And I remember that game with the horn and Charlie Coles!! ;-)
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