Mid majors will always be screwed

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Mid majors will always be screwed

Postby gmartin » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:42 pm

So after another year of piss poor selection by the selection committee I've come to realize that no matter what a mid-major school does they will always be screwed. Let's just say Buffalo for example. Let's say they went 12-0 non-conference scheduling cupcake schools. And then 15-3 in their conference. Win 2 MAC tournament games conference would put them 29-3. Come selection day they would get snubbed by a 18-14 Alabama, 20-14 Syracuse or by an Oklahoma team that won only two games after New Year's. Pathetic!! St Marys 28-5 and RANKED in top 25 was snubbed.

Okay, so let's just say next year Buffalo schedules 12 P5 schools to increase its strength of schedule. They go 2-10 and then go 15-3 and win MAC tournament and. Finish 21-13 but played 12 P5 schools. Now this time they get the #16 seed because of poor overall record.

So no matter what happens the MAC or any other mid-major program will always get screwed.
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